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Organize a Bachelor Party with Canyoning in Megève

Canyoning combines the exploration of magnificent gorges and rivers with thrilling activities such as abseiling, water jumps and natural slides. Here are a few reasons why canyoning is a great idea for a bachelor party:

  • Adventure and adrenalin: Each course offers guaranteed thrills, ideal for a group of friends in search of excitement.
  • Group cohesion: Challenges to overcome together strengthen bonds and create unforgettable memories.
  • Nature and spectacular scenery: Enjoy the natural beauty of the Alps and its breathtaking scenery.

Canyoning in Megève

The Bureau des Guides de Megève offers several routes suitable for all levels, two of which are particularly exciting:

  • Belle au Bois” trail: Ideal for those looking for a varied adventure. The course includes a 25-metre abseil, jumps of up to 6 metres and natural slides. It’s a great option for groups looking for a complete canyoning experience with a balanced mix of challenges.
  • Balme” course: For thrill-seekers, this course offers abseils of up to 25 meters and numerous natural slides that rival those of a water park. This route is perfect for those who want an intense and memorable adventure.

Each route is supervised by experienced guides who ensure the safety and enjoyment of participants.

Organization and logistics

Booking a canyoning session for a stag party is simple and practical:

  • Booking: Contact the Bureau des Guides de Megève by telephone on 04 50 21 55 11 or via our website to book your session.
  • Equipment : All necessary equipment (wetsuit, helmet, harness) is provided. Remember to bring a swimsuit and a pair of sports shoes.
  • Practical hints: Good physical condition is recommended. Get ready for an active day outdoors.
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