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A union of rock and water, canyoning is a fun mountain water activity.

You’ll find yourself sliding down slides, jumping into clear water basins and even abseiling down waterfalls!

Our favourite: the Belle au Bois course, a superb canyon just a stone’s throw from the center of Megève!

For children aged 8 and over (minimum 1m26 – able to swim), enjoy the tobbogans at Balme or the Megève canyon (without the final abseil).

Please note that conditions for these activities depend on the water flow in the canyon.

Canyon de la belle au bois
In the heart of Megève, a canyon with slides, jumps and abseiling down waterfalls.
Info & Reservations
Balme integral canyon
A series of slides, jumps and abseils in the waterfalls!
Reservation request
Canyon Toboggans de Balme
A fun-filled canyon, ideal for families and friends with children aged 8 and over (minimum 1m26).
Info & Reservations
Multi-activity teen course
Ages 14 to 18 - Climbing - Mountain biking (mountain bikes not supplied) - Canyoning - Hiking - Via Ferrata
Info & Reservations

For all day caynon requests around Megève, Le Canyon d’Albertville “Le Bénétant” or Le Canyon d’Annecy “Angon” or Le Canyon de Samoens “Le Clévieux”. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone +33(0)4 50 21 55 11 or by email.

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