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Discover or rediscover the Canyon de la Belle au Bois in Megève

Discover or rediscover the Canyon de la Belle au Bois in Megève

The Bureau des Guides de Megève is delighted to announce the reopening of bookings for the Canyon de la Belle au Bois. Set in the picturesque surroundings of Megève, this canyon offers a unique and exhilarating experience for canyoning enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a curious beginner, our team of experienced guides is ready to accompany you on this unforgettable canyoning adventure in Megève.

A Hidden Jewel in Megève

The Canyon de la Belle au Bois is a natural treasure nestled in the heart of the Alps. Known for its breathtaking scenery and aquatic challenges, this gorge is the ideal place for canyoning in Megève. The varied, safe courses offer something for everyone, with passages to suit all skill levels.

An Unforgettable Experience

The canyon route offers a series of abseiling descents, natural slides and jumps into crystal-clear pools. One of the highlights of canyoning in Megève is the 25-meter abseil down a spectacular waterfall. This waterfall offers not only an exciting challenge but also a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

Just before the big waterfall, you can enjoy a great natural slide that propels you straight into a refreshing pool. Jumps are also an integral part of this adventure, with several locations where you can redo jumps at will, adding a playful dimension to your experience. Every turn reveals a new wonder, from sparkling waterfalls to rock formations sculpted by erosion. Accompanied by our certified guides, you can safely explore this wild and unspoilt environment, making your canyoning experience in Megève even more memorable.

Why choose the Bureau des Guides de Megève?

  • Expertise and safety: Our guides are experienced professionals, trained in the latest canyoning and wilderness rescue techniques. Choosing the Bureau des Guides de Megève means opting for a safe and rewarding experience.
  • Quality equipment: We provide all the necessary equipment, regularly inspected and maintained, to guarantee your safety and comfort during your canyoning adventure in Megève.
  • Respect for the environment: Committed to preserving our natural heritage, we adopt environmentally-friendly practices and educate our customers about protecting the sites visited during their canyoning outings.

Book Your Adventure

Reservations for the Canyon de la Belle au Bois in Megève are now open. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience an unforgettable canyoning adventure in Megève with the Bureau des Guides de Megève. For more information and to book your canyoning trip, please visit our website or contact us directly by phone at 0450215511.

Join us for a unique exploration of the Canyon de la Belle au Bois and discover the hidden wonders of Megeve with the Megeve Guides Bureau. See you soon for new canyoning adventures in Megève!

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